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Frank Frazetta Fantasy Art Gallery

A word of caution:
Frank Frazetta's art
occasionally depicts
the human form
devoid of coverings.

Don't forget to check out the official websites, FrazettaGirls.com and FrankFrazetta.net!

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Legal stuff: In the mid 1990s, I spoke on the telephone with Frank Frazetta Jr. regarding this website (the artist himself was not available). I let him know that I had gathered together a collection of his father's artwork from the internet, and that I was putting it up on my website. I also promised that I would forever link to the official website (Currently seems to be FrankFrazetta.net) so people could purchase merchandise there. I explained that if he or his family ever objected to my website's presence, they need but say the word, and I would take it down immediately. Mr. Frazetta Jr. has so far declined to ask me to remove my website, and the offer still stands. So, while of course I have no legal ownership of this material, the copyright holders seem to be neutral to this collection being available to the public. ---Eric

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